Qualified Gary Edwin Golf Instructors


The Gary Edwin Golf Accreditation System (GEGAS) is a comprehensive Instructor training system ensures clients are receiving the highest quality instruction from qualified instructors. The training process is one that we believe takes time and cannot be learned without sufficient theory and practical experience.

GEGAS was initially developed as a way of educating, monitoring and as an incentive for all our coaches to continue to improve.We believe the GEGAS gives accredited coaches the platform to learn, improve and continually refine their techniques. If you are interested in becoming a  qualified Gary Edwin Golf Instructor the training system provides opportunities for applicants to learn and develop the necessary skills. Through the use of the internet and new software our course can now be done externally.

Applications can be made by emailing us at




LUKE EDWIN                                        GOLD COAST 

PETER KRAWITZ                                  GOLD COAST 

LUKE RINGROSE                                   LONDON

CHRIS MARRIOTT                                 SINGAPORE

BEN STYLES                                          VIETNAM

GREG MACINTOSH                                SINGAPORE 

ADAM SEAN                                           USA



ANDREW ARROWSMITH                          GERMANY 

BEN EDWIN                                         GOLD COAST 

CRAIG ROBERTS                                 MELBOURNE

JASON PAVESE                                    CANBERRA 

AYOUB OUSSAR                                   KUALA LUMPUR

NICK POLIAS                                         SYDNEY

BADEN SCHAFF                                   MELBOURNE

DARREN ROWLAND                             MELBOURNE

DAN MITCHELL                                     LONDON

ALEX MURRAY                                    UNITED STATES



WILLIAM KNODLE                                  USA

DONG HYUN KWON                               SOUTH KOREA

ANDREW KOSTARAKIS                         MELBOURNE

PAUL TUDOR                                        SINGAPORE 

SEAN SOMERS                                      SYDNEY

MAURIE MOSES                                    NELSON BAY

DAVID NG                                            SINGAPORE

BRAD LAMB                                         MELBOURNE 

WARREN COSTIBLE                            MELBOURNE

SIMON ANGLISS                                   MELBOURNE




SANG LEE                                            SOUTH KOREA

TRISTAN WALKER                                 MELBOURNE

BRETT PARTRIDGE                               GOLD COAST

JAMES McMASTER                                 MELBOURNE

ANDREW HORAN                                   NEW ZEALAND

GEOFF COCHRANE                                USA

JON HAIGH                                           MELBOURNE

SEAN HEWITT                                       NEW ZEALAND

KEIRAN BISH                                        SYDNEY

MARK PATTERSON                                AVONDALE

MATT CAMERON                                   MELBOURNE

LIM JAE KAON                                      SOUTH KOREA

STEPHEN FENN                                     LONDON

LEA COOPER                                        LONDON

EWAN RANKINE                                    AUSTRIA

MIKE YORKE                                        UNITED KINGDOM

MARK HAINES                                      UNITED KINGDOM

DAVID HOWDEN                                   UNITED KINGDOM

STUART MILLER                                    GERMANY 


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