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Gary Edwin Golf - The Right Sided Swing (VCD)- Volume 1
The Right Sided Swing is an Instructional VCD which gives a step by step guide to Gary Edwin’s unique swing method.

The VCD outlines the concepts and imagery needed to build a powerful and repeatable golf swing.

Contents :
  • Influences
  • Sequence
  • Start at Impact
  • Posture
  • Grip relates to body shape
  • Wrist Angles
  • The clubface relates to the body
  • Radius
  • Turn
  • Weight Transfer
  • Lower Half Specifics
  • Leverage Vs Catch up
  • Swing Plane is a Product
  • Drills for ‘The Right Sided Swing’
  • Right Sided Brain Training
  • Impact Right sided Vs Left sided
  • True Loft/Trajectory/Ball Flight

Our new VCD "The Right Sided Swing" is formatted to play on windows media player 1998 and above and other media PC software.
The reason we chose this format is most of our clients come from all over the globe and it is the only format that is universal for everybody. If you have a computer you can now learn about our unique method and concepts.
For more information on the Video Cd download the latest right sided newsleter in Latest News.

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International 7-14 days (allow 21 days ).

The VCD is now available as a download - Click here to download now.

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